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EPA became carbon neutral in 2005. We maintain this by using our Carbon Management Principles to manage our greenhouse gas emissions.

EPA stays carbon neutral through:

  • buying only carbon offsets approved in the National Carbon Offset Standard.
  • using global standards to measure our carbon footprint.

We measure emissions that are a direct result of our work. For example, EPA car and boat fuel. We also assess the energy we buy, along with carbon emissions from businesses in our supply chain. For example, catering and taxi travel.

To measure our greenhouse gas emissions, we use:

  • activity data – measures the level of intensity of the activity
  • quantification methods – calculates the quantity of emissions.

We get external proof that our greenhouse gas record is correct. We also make sure external sources assess our greenhouse gas management plan.

EPA’s greenhouse gas record and management plan detail our performance and how we achieve it.

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Reviewed 8 May 2020