EPA staff can't give interviews to students or respond to student enquiries. Instead we have a list of resources to help with environmental assignments:

Media releases from the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change are another helpful resource.

Information on who we are and what we do

EPA is Victoria's environmental regulator. Our main roles are to:

  • prevent and reduce harm to human health and the environment from pollution and waste
  • enforce the state's environmental protection laws
  • assess environmental risks
  • set and enforce environmental Regulations and standards
  • publish guidance for business and industry to help them comply with the law.

EPA is part of the Victorian Government's environment portfolio. We work with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to make environment protection policies and laws. We also work with Sustainability Victoria (SV) on programs to make waste and resource management more efficient.

We're changing 

Victoria's environment protection laws are changing. The new laws will introduce the general environment duty – your responsibility to prevent harm from pollution and waste. 

General environmental duty: Learn more. Be prepared.

Learn about the general environmental duty (GED) introduced in the biggest change to Victoria’s environment protection law since the original Environment Protection Act 1970.

Video transcript

Victoria’s environment protection laws are changing, and we’ll help you be prepared.  

The new laws will introduce the general environmental duty – your responsibility to prevent harm from pollution and waste.  

And we all have a part to play. 

Complying begins with understanding your level of risk, then taking action to minimise harm from any of your activities.

For smaller businesses, this could be as simple as basic staff training. 

EPA will provide advice and information to help you comply.  

Go to epa.vic.gov.au/newlaws 

Find out how the general environmental duty could change the way you do business. 

EPA and the CSIRO STEM Professionals in Schools Program

The CSIRO STEM Professionals in Schools Program is a national volunteer program. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. Through partnerships between schools and industry, this program brings STEM into the classroom. This includes boosting student engagement in STEM through school.

EPA supports Victorians to understand the condition of their environment. We have been working with schools and teachers to build environmental and science literacy through this program since 2018.

Find out more or get involved in the CSIRO STEM Professionals in Schools Program.

Reviewed 2 December 2020