As Victoria’s environmental regulator, we want to lead the way in sustainable and ethical work practices. Our inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance statement (ESG) for 2024 to 2027 shows how we are holding ourselves to the same standard we expect of those we regulate.

The highlights

We’re continuing to reduce our environmental impact

By 30 June 2027 we will:

  • divert at least 80% of our operational waste from landfill
  • reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 50%
  • reduce material use by 25% and increase recycled content in our products.

We’re role modelling ethical business conduct and environmental justice

We celebrate diversity and prioritise the physical and psychological safety of our staff and our community. 

We are:

  • supporting an environment where all people enjoy equal protection from environmental harm 
  • embracing First Nations culture and embedding cultural values and knowledge in our environment protection framework
  • making sure our workforce reflects the community we serve.

How we’ll measure our impact

We will transparently report on our progress against our targets each year in our annual report.

We’ll review our ESG priorities annually to make sure they:

  • address changes to how we work 
  • consider new and emerging risks.

More information

Download our Environmental, Social and Governance statement (PDF 2.1MB).


Reviewed 1 May 2024