If you generate, transport or receive reportable priority waste you must sign up now to the new EPA Portal. This is where you will use Waste Tracker.

New EPA Portal

From 1 July 2021, some of the additional tasks you can perform in the new EPA Portal include:

  • using Waste Tracker for tracking reportable priority waste
  • applying for new permissions, exemptions, or designations for waste
  • applying for amendments, transfers or surrender of an existing permission
  • applying for an Authorisation for discharge or disposal
  • submitting audit scope, environmental audit reports and preliminary risk screen assessments.
Check below if you need to complete and attach a signed application form to your Portal application.

After 1 July 2021, use the EPA website for reporting pollution and to submit litter reports and smoky vehicle reports

How to sign up

Learn how to sign up to the Portal.

Please note: your login details can’t transfer across from the old Portal due to security changes.

Managing waste

Waste Tracker is a new system to track reportable priority waste. This system replaces waste transport certificates.

Under the new laws, anyone who handles reportable priority waste must let EPA know every time it changes hands. Producers, accredited consigners, transporters, drivers and receivers of reportable priority waste must use Waste Tracker to complete transactions.

Find out more about using Waste Tracker by your role:


To perform prescribed activities that may cause harm, you must have a permission, such as a licence, permit or registration.

Here are some resources to help you to apply for a permission.

Resources for applying for a permission

If you need advice on which permission you may require for your activity, read Permissions proposal pathway guideline and submit a Permission pathway form via email to permissions@epa.vic.gov.au

If you are applying for a permission amendment or transfer, you need to know your new Permission ID. You can find this by searching the Register of Permissions.

Permission IDs are now a nine-digit number following the acronym of the permission type. If you held a permission under the 1970 Act, the number is part of your new Permission ID.

  • Licence 123 under the 1970 Act is now Operating Licence OL000000123 under the 2017 Act.
  • Works Approval 56789 under the 1970 Act is now Development Licence DL000056789. 
  • RD&D 234567 under the 1970 Act is now Pilot Project Licence PPL000234567 under the 2017 Act.
  • Vehicle Permit 987654 under the 1970 Act is now either a permit (for example, P000987654) or registration (for example, R000987654)

Resources for applying for an exemption, authorisation or designation (waste classification)

Further resources

These resources may also be useful when submitting your application:

EPA Interaction Portal

You can no longer use the EPA Interaction Portal for submitting:

  • waste transport certificates
  • pollution reports
  • litter reports
  • smoky vehicle reports

After 1 July 2021, you can still use the old Portal to:

  • complete a waste transport certificate
  • find licences, permits and environmental audits that were submitted and issued before 1 July 2021.

Reviewed 23 September 2021