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Building and construction sites can cause pollution through waste and noise.

As a builder or construction worker, you must minimise your impact on the environment and local community.

Our guidance for the construction industry includes information on:

  • construction and demolition waste
  • transporting industrial waste
  • hiring skip bins
  • building sites and stormwater
  • construction noise.

Draft guide for civil construction, building and demolition

We are developing new and updated guidance in consultation with industry.

The Civil construction, building and demolition guide aims to contribute to your understanding of good environmental practice under new environment protection laws. It will provide information about new duties, how to identify risk, and control options you can put in place to manage risk. It will be released as an interim guide mid-2020 and later updated.

We are also developing the Construction sector guide. This will provide information about common hazards, the risk management framework and duties. The aim of the sector guide is to connect industry with further guidance. 

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Reviewed 11 November 2019