The Environment Protection Act 1970 (the Act) defines environment protection laws in Victoria. It says it’s against the law to cause pollution. The State Environment Protection Policy (Waters) part of the Act talks about: 

What the law says about hazardous leaks and spills depends on:  

  • the liquid a person or organisation has leaked or spilt  
  • the type of pollution the leak or spill causes.  

Groundwater pollution is also an offence under the Act. EPA can prosecute people and organisations who don’t comply with the law about hazardous leaks and spills. 

Dangerous goods  

Dangerous goods can cause serious harm to people and the environment. Some examples of dangerous goods are petrol and flammable paint. Any leak or spill of a dangerous good must follow the rules defined in: 

Help to comply with the law  

You can get guidance on storing and managing liquids from: 

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Reviewed 29 June 2020