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About EPA penalties

EPA has powers to enforce the Environment Protection Act 2017 (the Act) to prevent harm from pollution and waste.

As a business or industry, you may get a penalty if you don’t comply with the Act. For example:

  • for incidents that pose a risk to the environment or community
  • if you are a business with a history of causing environmental harm.

Penalties can range from a warning to prosecution in court. Penalties may include:

Fines are described in units. The Treasurer of Victoria sets fine units each financial year.

Find out about how we calculate EPA fines. 

How to pay a fine

You must pay your fine before the due date on your infringement notice.

Pay in person

Pay your fine at any post office.

Pay by phone

Call 1300 372 842 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) to pay your fine by phone.

You can pay using Mastercard or Visa. You’ll need to give us your infringement number. You’ll find this on your infringement notice.

Pay with internet or phone banking

You can pay your fine using internet or phone banking (BPAY).

Biller code: 150714
Reference: 45 followed by your infringement number. 

If you can’t afford your fine

Call EPA on 1300 372 842 to find out if you can pay in instalments if you can’t afford your fine.

Contact us

For more information about paying fines, contact us.

You can also see how to pay or dispute a vehicle littering fine.

How to apply for a review of a fine

You may be able to apply for an internal review of your fine. For example:

  • because of mistaken identity
  • because of a medical emergency
  • because you have an intellectual disability, are addicted to drugs or alcohol, are homeless or are experiencing family violence.

The grounds for internal review fact sheet gives more information about the reasons why you may be able to apply for an internal review.

To apply, fill out the application for internal review.

Email a scanned copy of your application for internal review to

Or, you can post it to:

EPA Victoria
GPO Box 4395
Melbourne VIC 3001

You must give us evidence to support your application.

NOTE: Due to coronavirus, please send internal review applications by email where possible.

Ask to take your fine to court

You can ask for your fine to be heard at court. This is so a magistrate or judge can decide what happens.

To ask for the fine to be taken to court, write to us at:

EPA Victoria
GPO Box 4395
Melbourne VIC 3001


Infringement notice Type Fine in 2021–22 Fine units
Litter infringement Litter <50 litres – individual $363 2
Litter infringement Litter <50 litres – company $1,817 10
Litter infringement Dangerous litter – individual $727 4
Litter infringement Dangerous litter – company $3,635 20
Motor vehicle infringement Individual $1,090 6
Motor vehicle infringement Company $5,452 30
Penalty reminder notice $26.20 1.74



Reviewed 28 February 2022