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Changes to EPA reporting requirements

Victoria’s environmental laws have changed. The requirements for industry to obtain EPA permissions and to report on their performance have also changed.

EPA Permissions

EPA permissions now include licences, permits and registrations. To perform prescribed activities that may cause harm, businesses must have the appropriate permission.

Performance Reporting

EPA permissions include reporting and record keeping conditions. One of these conditions is the Permission Information and Performance Statements (PIPS) reporting condition G4a.


Businesses that have a permission with the G4a condition are required to submit a PIPS to EPA when requested.

You must provide the Authority with a Permission Information and Performance Statement (PIPS) in the form determined by the Authority within 2 months of receiving notification in writing from the Authority. The PIPS may be released to the public (in whole or in part). 

This condition has replaced the previous annual performance statement (APS) reporting.

What information will be made public?

We will upload some of the information provided in your PIPS submission to the EPA Public Register. The information uploaded initially will be similar to that provided to the public under the previous APS reporting.

Each section of the PIPS will clearly state what information will be included on the public statement as you are completing it. Commercial in confidence information, including volumes of waste accepted or product produced, will not be released publicly. 

Why will this information be made public?

EPA Victoria is required by law to maintain and make available public registers. Providing access to PIPS aims to create public value through a transparent reporting culture. 

In line with the aims of the Victorian Government, EPA intends to continuously review the amount of information and data available to the public and increase access where appropriate. Any changes to the type of information EPA intends to upload to the public register will be done in consultation with industry.

When and how do I submit my PIPS?

There is no annual requirement to submit a PIPS. Notifications will be sent to specific businesses when EPA requires information. These PIPS notifications will be sent via email. Once a PIPS notification is received, businesses will have 2 months to log onto the EPA Portal and complete their statement.

What information will I be required to provide?

EPA will send out PIPS notifications for particular information relating to permissioned activities when required. Information submitted will not necessarily be the same for every PIPS. The information will relate to specific site activities and risk management actions. The type of information requested should be readily accessible provided record keeping is up to date.

To support preparation for reporting requirements see more information on:

Record keeping

All businesses must keep adequate records to comply with their legal responsibilities. EPA permission holders might also have a record keeping condition G4b.

Information and monitoring records used for the preparation of, inclusion in, or support of, any reporting or notification that is required of you by the Authority (including data reporting, performance reporting, documents evidencing any risk and monitoring program) must be: a) retained for five years; and b) made available to the Authority on request. 

EPA Public Register

Historical Annual Performance Statements can be found in EPA’s Public Register. PIPS submissions will also be available on this register. The register also has information about a wide range of topics including:
  • Businesses that hold licences, permits or registrations
  • Court proceedings
  • Environmental audits and other regulatory information.


Reviewed 29 June 2023