From 1 July 2021, producers of reportable priority waste must use EPA’s new waste tracking system – Waste Tracker. Waste Tracker replaces EPA’s former electronic waste Transport certificate system.

Reportable priority waste producers must arrange for their waste to be transported and deposited legally. Waste Tracker allows producers and EPA to track the delivery status of waste every time it changes hands.

Before you submit a waste record, you need to have arranged transport and receipt of your waste with your providers.

How to get Waste Tracker

Waste Tracker is available on EPA’s new portal. You will need new login details to start using Waste Tracker. Login details for the electronic Waste Transport Certificate system won’t work for the new portal.

Producers must complete the following to start using Waste Tracker: 

  • Sign up to create a portal account. Waste Tracker users must sign up to the Portal on EPA’s website. You will need an individual email address to sign up. Once you have created a portal account, you can create records under this account when the system opens in late June.
  • Complete the Waste Tracker business sign up form. This form lets us know the users to link to your business account. Once linked, users can create records for your business. This also allows waste producers to see the full list of waste records linked to their business account created by themselves and others.

Working with waste records

Waste records contain details about the waste, collection and drop off. Users must create waste records in the Portal - not the Waste Tracker mobile app. Once created, producers can:

Learn how to create a waste record with our step-by-step user guide.

What should be in a waste record

Producers must give the following waste information for each waste record:

  • waste type through a waste code
  • waste form
  • package type (bulk or other) and number of packages
  • intended treatment option, for example, reuse or recycle. Some treatment options need more information
  • the quantity of waste to collect
  • dangerous goods classification (if applicable)
  • contaminant information (if applicable)
  • industry type that has produced the waste, for example, automotive, or electrical part manufacturing location of where the waste is coming from.
  • drop off details
  • intended dates for transport off your site.

Waste transport and drop off details

To choose your preferred Victorian transporter, a dropdown list will appear of those Victorian transporters who can transport the waste code specified.

Victorian sites authorised to receive the waste specified in the waste record will also be available to choose. If your transporter or receiver isn’t there, check that they are authorised to receive your waste type.

Producers can use accredited consigners

Producers can use accredited consigners to act on their behalf. Producers are still accountable for the information they give. When using accredited consigners, producers can still see the waste record under their account.

An accredited consigner can help a producer to:

  • classify their waste
  • identify lawful transporters
  • enter information into Waste Tracker on their behalf.

Producers can also authorise a transporter to enter information on their behalf. Producers must get transporters to confirm transport of the waste and the receipt from the system. The transporter can email you the record.

Users performing multiple roles

If you perform multiple roles, you must perform actions separately in Waste Tracker.

For example, if you are both a producer and a transporter you must go through both steps in the process. This means you would create the waste record and then assign you as the transporter. You will then need to assign the driver.

Find out how you can prepare to start using Waste Tracker.

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Reviewed 30 June 2021