The West Gate Tunnel Project (the project) will deliver an alternative river crossing to the West Gate Bridge. It aims to remove trucks from residential streets.

The project design includes:

  • widening the West Gate Freeway 
  • twin tunnels between the West Gate Freeway to the Maribyrnong River 
  • a bridge over the Maribyrnong River and elevated motorway, with direct access to the port  
  • smart technology linking to other freeway management systems 
  • new and upgraded cycling and walking paths. 

Construction on the project began in 2018.

Environment management plans for West Gate Tunnel Project spoil

EPA has approved three environment management plans (EMPs) – one from Hi-Quality, another from Western Soil Treatment (WST) and a third from Cleanaway Operations Pty Ltd.

These EMPs are part of their applications to receive tunnel boring machine (TBM) spoil from the West Gate Tunnel Project.

Our highest priority is to prevent harm to the community and our environment. EPA can only approve an EMP when satisfied it, together with existing Regulations, provides enough protection from pollution and waste.

All approved EMPs are published on our website along with an assessment report about our approval decision.

EPA is not responsible for the ultimate decision on where the TBM spoil from the project goes.

EPA will strictly monitor compliance with approved EMPs and hold any site receiving spoil from the West Gate Tunnel Project to account. 

How to get more information about the West Gate Tunnel Project

You can contact the West Gate Tunnel Project with questions or feedback about their works: 

You can contact EPA to make a report about noise, dust or other environmental impacts. 

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Reviewed 24 May 2021