EPA issued a works approval

Read the works approval (PDF 2.2MB) and the full assessment report (PDF 2.8MB).

The West Gate Tunnel project triggers requirements for key approval applications, including an EPA works approval.

The works approval is required to allow construction and installation of tunnel ventilation structures near the exits of the two tunnels that will have three traffic lanes in both directions.

EPA’s priority is the health of the community and the environment, and ensuring the application complies with the Environment Protection Act 2017 and relevant environmental policies.

Following an extensive review process, EPA has granted the works approval for the project's ventilation systems in the two proposed tunnels. EPA has conditions in the works approval to protect the environment and public health. These include requirements that:

  • extensive air quality monitoring be undertaken in the surrounding area, with public reporting of results
  • the ventilation system is constructed so that it can be easily retro-fitted with pollution control equipment in the future if the monitoring demonstrates that this is necessary.

EPA made a submission to the Environment Effects Statement

EPA participated in the public comment period by making a submission the West Gate Tunnel Project Environment Effects Statement (EES).

EPA’s submission can be read here: WGTP EES EPA Submission (10 July 2017) [PDF 1.08MB]

The appendices to the submission are available here:

EPA Submission Appendix A [PDF 1.75MB]
EPA Submission Appendix B [PDF 878KB]
EPA Submission Appendix C [PDF 60.3KB]
EPA Submission Appendix D [PDF 2.82MB]
EPA Submission Appendix E [PDF 3.81MB]
EPA Submission Appendix F [PDF 828KB]
EPA Submission Appendix G [PDF 2.71MB]
EPA Submission Appendix H [PDF 476KB]
EPA Submission Appendix I [PDF 1.85MB]
EPA Submission Appendix J [PDF 1.20MB]

Reviewed 28 January 2022