Whether it’s furniture, trash or building rubble, everyone has encountered illegal waste dumping. Some see it as an inconvenience, but the truth is:

  • it damages our environment
  • it’s a risk to our health
  • it is expensive to manage.

In Victoria, it is illegal to dump or bury any kind of waste at a location that isn’t licensed to accept it. This includes private land.

If you have seen what you suspect is illegally dumped waste, report it  online or by calling 1300 372 842.

illegal waste dumping

How is dumping dangerous?

The worst dumping is intentional. Some people damage our environment and risk the health of our community to avoid taking their waste to a lawful place.

Contaminated soil, asbestos and building rubble are often dumped to avoid paying waste levies. Materials like these can be a severe health risk, even if they appear harmless.

Other materials are a fire risk. Dumped tyres burn easily, releasing harmful chemicals and threatening the local community.

Learn the real cost of illegal dumping.

illegal waste dumping

How to spot dumping

As with other crimes, people who dump waste do not want to be seen. 

Look for trucks or trailers moving waste:

  • at odd hours, or
  • in places where you wouldn’t expect them.

How to report illegal dumping

If you find a pile of rubble, soil or other material where it doesn’t belong, report it  online or by calling 1300 372 842.

Above all, protect yourself. Don’t approach someone who is dumping, but note anything that may help a future investigation. A number plate may be all that’s needed. The person’s appearance, the make and model of their vehicle or any other identifying features may also help.

For more information, read what materials are commonly dumped.

Why report dumping?

We take action on every report of illegal waste dumping.

Our first priority is the health of the community and environment. We  conduct thorough investigations to identify and prosecute those responsible.

Even when we are unable to identify the dumper, data from the incident informs other EPA investigations.

For more information, read what happens when you report.


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Reviewed 24 February 2023