We respond to odour complaints

EPA responds to reports of odour from industrial sources and large-scale facilities. These include:

  • sewage treatment plants
  • abattoirs
  • animal processors
  • landfills
  • composting facilities.

Our authorised officers can verify odour reports.

Our Odour fact sheet (publication 1468) can help you understand:

  • how we respond to complaints about odour
  • how we regulate odour.

We give advice about odour

EPA can advise businesses about managing odour. We can also give local councils health advice on odour from local sources, like homes and shops. 

We give odour guidelines for businesses

We give odour guidelines to help businesses comply with the law and minimise their impact on the environment.

We give industry-specific odour guidelines

We provide practical information to help manage odour in different industries.

We issue permissions 

EPA also issues licences, permits and registrations

Some businesses, like landfills or composting facilities, must have an EPA licence to operate. To keep their licence, a business may have to make sure that odour doesn’t escape their premises.

Businesses may have to get a development licence if they want to build new facilities, such as:

  • sale yards
  • piggeries
  • feedlots.

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Reviewed 20 January 2023