Construction and demolition waste comes from building and renovating homes. It can include: 

  • timber 
  • concrete  
  • bricks 
  • plasterboards 
  • asbestos 
  • asphalt 
  • rocks and soil  
  • vegetation  
  • contaminated soil.   

If you don’t manage construction and demolition waste in the right way, it can harm human health and the environment.  

Your responsibilities when disposing of construction and demolition waste

It’s your responsibility to correctly dispose of construction and demolition waste. Always confirm that sub-contractors and waste transporters are taking waste to a facility licensed to accept it.  

Search for licensed facilities

Disposing of construction and demolition waste

How you dispose of your construction and demolition waste depends on the type of rubbish you’re getting rid of.  

Hiring a skip may be the simplest solution for disposing renovation waste. Or you may need to hire a specialist waste disposal company. For example, asbestos and contaminated soil can’t go in a skip. 

Sustainability Victoria gives more information on how to dispose of and recycle construction and demolition waste.  

How to dispose of construction waste infographic

Reviewed 18 September 2020