It's your responsibility to dispose of waste from your home. You should also know where it goes.  

Skip bin businesses must take your waste to a place licensed to accept it.  

EPA can fine you for using a skip bin business that illegally dumps your waste.  

What to consider when hiring a skip bin  

Be wary of skip bin businesses who offer very cheap quotes.

You should ask the skip bin business how it gets rid of waste. Ask for a receipt that shows they have taken the waste to a licensed facility.   

You could ask if the skip bin business is part of any waste or industry associations. 

Don’t use a skip bin business if they can’t prove they dispose waste at a licensed facility. 

How to hire a skip bin

How you can help stop illegal dumping by skip bin businesses  

If you think a skip bin business may be dumping waste illegally, you can report them to us.

You can also report illegal dumping you find to us. This includes if you see anything suspicious – like unusual trucks unloading at night.  

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Reviewed 28 October 2019