You can follow EPA on:

EPA’s social media channels offer information such as:

  • news and media releases
  • daily air quality forecasts
  • environmental monitoring
  • publications and guidelines
  • compliance and enforcement actions
  • education and awareness campaigns
  • EPA events
  • opportunities for community consultation.

If you need emergency incident information, go to VicEmergency on Twitter or Facebook.

We monitor our social media accounts during business hours only. Our social media platforms may sometimes be unavailable due to technical issues. EPA can't guarantee service at those times.

Safe social media use

EPA may delete content or comments that:

  • are false or misleading
  • are deliberately troublemaking for people, business or government
  • are obscene, off-topic, sexist, racist, homophobic or spam
  • promote business activity
  • break or encourage others to break laws, including privacy laws
  • defame or harass other users or EPA staff

Contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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Reviewed 11 November 2019