When an occupier of a licensed or permitted site changes, the new occupier must apply to EPA to have these permissions transferred.  It’s the same situation if you’re transferring A10a, A11 or A12 waste transport permits from one holder to another.

You must submit a transfer application at least 30 business days before you take control or operate the activity. This allows enough time for us to process your transfer application.

Apply for a licence or permit transfer

You can apply for a licence or permit transfer through the EPA portal.

If you need further support on how to transfer your licence or permit, refer to the following information.

How to transfer a licence or permit

When you apply online to transfer your licence or permit, you’ll find a helpful navigation tool, ‘Steps’, in the left-hand of the screen. This provides a step-by-step map of the question topics, from start to finish. It also tracks your progress as you move through the application form by ticking off your completed sections.

Supplement your answers by attaching documents to the online form where necessary. This is important, as you must make sure we have enough information and evidence to assess your application. There’s an opportunity to attach documents on a dedicated page at the end of the application.

To start your licence or permit transfer application, select from the menu at the top of the screen or from the ‘Apply for a permission’ section on the page.

1. Application type

Once you’re in the online application, the first step is to select your application type. From the dropdown menu provided, select ‘Transfer’.

2. Permission details

Here, you need to provide details of the permission you want to transfer. Provide your:

  • licence or permit number
  • current permission holder type, for example, individual, sole trader, a registered company, government or not-for-profit organisation
  • current permission holder name
  • ABN or ACN, depending on permission holder type.

3. Applicant details

Provide details of any applicants that you intend to transfer your permission to and nominate a primary permission applicant. 

4. Suitability to hold a permission

Here all permission transfer applications must provide a:

  • completed prohibited person form
  • completed fit and proper person form
  • letter on company letterhead from the current licence or permit holder that shows agreement between parties to the transfer
  • letter on company letterhead from the future licence or permit holder that shows agreement between parties to the transfer.

A company officer with the required legal authority must sign each letter.

5. Transfer details

Select whether you are the:

  • owner occupier, or
  • occupier, with permission from owner to operate at the site.

Also, provide your proposed date of ownership change.

6.  Supporting evidence

You need to attach any supporting evidence. In the field provided, give a summary of what you’re attaching including:

  • file titles
  • any document references.

Here, you need to declare:

  • the information you provided in the transfer application is the truth
  • you have the authority to submit the transfer application.

During the assessment of your application, we may require additional information. We will contact you if this is the case.

7. Application summary

You can review your complete application at this step. If you identify any changes required, use the back button to move back through the application steps.

8. Submit and pay

You will receive an application ID when you submit your application, it’s useful to record this number for future reference.

To finalise your application, you may need to pay an application fee. If so, you will have three options

  1. Return to dashboard – this keeps the application in draft status and returns you to your permissions dashboard.
  2. Submit and pay later – this sends the application to EPA and an invoice is sent to the key contact on the application via email. You need to pay the invoice before the application is assessed.
  3. Submit and pay now – this takes you to EPA’s online payment gateway where you can pay the application fee via credit card.

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Reviewed 31 August 2021