A licence or permit amendment can be for the addition, removal or change in:

  • permission conditions – for example, waste discharge tables, landfill cell
  • waste codes – for example, a waste code, treatment code
  • details of the permission – for example, company name change, activity plans.

Amendment application by the licence or permit holder

A permission holder can apply for a licence or permit amendment, for any of the reasons set out above. You can apply for this through the EPA portal. For more information, see How amend your licence or permit.

EPA will process an application for a licence or permit amendment within 42 business days of receiving a complete application.

For information on what a licence or permit amendment costs, see EPA fees.

EPA-initiated amendment

EPA can amend a permission by issuing a notice of amendment to the permission holder. We may do this under section 58 of the Environment Protection Act 2017. In this situation, the permission holder has the right of appeal.

We may also amend a permission for administrative reasons. Here, as this doesn’t alter the obligations of the permission holder, no appeal rights exist.

We will discuss any proposed changes to an existing permission with the permission holder before we amend it.

There is no fee for an EPA initiated amendment.

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Reviewed 3 September 2021