We balance community and industry needs when setting standards for commercial, industrial and trade noise. 

About the standards we set for noise

We set standards for noise from commercial, industrial and trade premises across Victoria. These standards for business are: 

These noise standards can be enforceable under the law, for example when EPA gives a notice to a business. Or a business has an EPA licence, with conditions to comply with the relevant noise standards. 

Controlling noise through licences

Businesses may need an EPA licence to operate, depending on the type of activity. A licence can include conditions for a business to manage noise, which they must comply with. The Environment Protection (Scheduled Premises) Regulations 2017 outlines which type of premises this applies to. 

Responding to reports of noise

EPA responds to reports of noise from commercial properties and industrial facilities. These include: 

  • manufacturing plants 
  • transfer stations and recycling facilities  
  • concrete batch plants 
  • facilities with large air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. 

How we give advice about noise to councils

EPA provides advice about noise for councils to use in planning decisions and when resolving noise complaints. This includes guidelines on controlling noise: 

Providing noise guidelines for businesses

We provide noise guidelines to help businesses comply with the law and minimise their impact on the environment. These include: 

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Reviewed 18 September 2020