Our laws and guidelines aim to protect the community from construction noise.

Providing guidelines about construction noise

EPA provides information on controlling noise from construction and demolition sites, see Civil construction, building and demolition guide (publication 1834).

We give advice on using the guide to government agencies responsible for approving major projects. We also give advice to those responsible for the construction of major projects and their contractors. Find out more about noise from major infrastructure projects.

We provide guidelines for the construction industry on how to comply with the law and manage risks from constructions activities, see Construction – guide to preventing harm to people and the environment (publication 1820).

Controlling residential construction noise

While residential construction is covered under the Environment Protection Act 2017 (the Act), it isn’t EPA’s role to investigate noise complaints from residential construction.

EPA delegates powers to councils for residential construction noise. This includes noise from:

  • residential construction, including individual homes and apartments
  • residential demolition sites
  • residential and mixed-use developments
  • urban redevelopments for residential development
  • land preparation for residential subdivision. 

Councils can use the Act, and guidelines to resolve issues. We support councils on the best way to apply the law.

Councils may also have requirements for managing construction noise under planning or local laws.

We refer any pollution reports about residential construction to the local council.

Councils and the police also have powers under the Act to respond to noise from repair and maintenance of an existing building on residential land. This includes using power tools during the prohibited times.

You should report your noise complaint to your local council, who will investigate it.

Controlling construction noise

EPA responds to reports of excessive noise from:

  • commercial and industrial construction and demolition sites
  • commercial and industrial land subdivision.

Councils may also have planning requirements or local laws for construction noise.

You can report noise from construction sites.

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Reviewed 15 November 2021