The new EPA AirWatch improves our ability to prevent harm to human health and the environment from pollution and waste.

It shows the level of pollutants in the air at monitoring sites across Victoria. You can view up to 48 hours of data in graph, map or table form.

We present air quality information in five categories:

  • good
  • fair
  • poor
  • very poor
  • extremely poor.

EPA AirWatch features:

  • one set of air quality categories for all pollutants
  • an overall air quality category for each site
  • general health advice for all pollutants
  • a mobile-friendly display.

Air quality at your home may be different to what EPA AirWatch shows

The air quality where you are might be different to what you see on EPA AirWatch, even if there’s a monitoring site close to you. This is because there are many factors that can affect air quality. For example, wind direction and smoke from wood fires.

When EPA AirWatch shows the message ‘no data available’

Sometimes we can’t show data for a monitoring site. This could be because:

  • we are doing maintenance work
  • the monitoring equipment is not working
  • there is an issue with the website.

We list monitoring site issues and maintenance in the current notices section.   

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Reviewed 10 March 2021