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EPA monitors marine and freshwater quality at locations across Victoria. 

The marine monitoring program aims to: 

  • assess water quality  
  • identify and investigate risks, like pollution 
  • protect and improve water quality.

We currently monitor marine water quality at fixed sites located at: 

  • Port Phillip Bay 
  • Western Port 
  • Gippsland Lakes.

We monitor marine water quality through:

  • fixed sites
  • Beach Report, which checks water quality at our beaches 
  • daily water monitoring on board the Spirit of Tasmania 
  • responding to pollution reports
  • marine research.

The freshwater monitoring program aims to:

  • identify and characterise risks from emerging contaminants
  • protect and improve water quality.

We monitor freshwater quality through:

  • our emerging contaminants program
  • Yarra Watch, which checks water quality at four swimming sites
  • responding to pollution events
  • freshwater research.

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Reviewed 28 October 2019