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Looking to escape the heat? Our beaches and rivers provide a cool escape. But is the water quality okay for swimming today?

It’s easy to check on your phone. Beach Report and Yarra Watch provide forecasts every day in summer for many beaches in Port Phillip Bay and locations along the Yarra River.

Water quality is rated as good, fair, or poor. Good means the water is probably safe for swimming. Fair means the water might be affected by pollution. So you might decide not to swim or avoid swimming at beaches with stormwater drain outlets. Poor means the water is probably not safe for swimming.

So this summer, enjoy swimming. Just remember to always check the water quality at water


Beach Report forecasts water quality for 36 beaches in Port Phillip Bay. 

Yarra Watch forecasts water quality for four sites along the Yarra River. 

Always check for signs of pollution before you swim.

EPA also issues alerts when there is an issue affecting a waterway in Victoria.

You can protect your health by not swimming near drains or river outlets for 48 hours after rain.

Children, older people and people with a weakened immune system are most at risk of getting sick from polluted water.

Get the latest water quality alerts on your phone

Sign up to EPA’s free SMS service to receive a text when the water at a Beach Report location near you is forecast to have poor water quality.

Causes of water pollution

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Our beaches and swimming spots are usually good for swimming but can sometimes become polluted. Why is that?

Stormwater run-off is the most common cause. During and after rainfall, water that falls around our roads washes things like chemicals, faeces and rubbish into our bays and rivers. Children, older people and those with weakened immune systems are most at risk of getting sick from polluted water.

So before you enjoy our many great swimming spots this summer remember to check the water quality from your phone. Simply visit water


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Reviewed 28 July 2023