You can report odour from industrial sources and large-scale facilities to EPA. This includes: 

  • sewage treatment facilities 
  • abattoirs 
  • animal processors 
  • landfills 
  • composting facilities. 

Report all other sources of odour to your local council. This includes odour from residential areas, events and small retail shops. 

How to report odour to EPA 

You can report odour by submitting an online pollution report or call our 24-hour pollution hotline on 1300 372 842.

When you make an odour report, we may need: 

  • your name and address 
  • the time you first smelled the odour that day 
  • where you smelled the odour 
  • what you think the odour smelled like
  • the intensity of the odour (strong or weak) 
  • where you think the smell was coming from 
  • how long the odour lasted that day 
  • how often it has happened before 
  • the impact the odour has on you. 

Even details like wind direction and speed can help us, if you know them.    

Odour diary  

If you often experience offensive odour, we recommend that you keep a diary. Your diary could become evidence to help us investigate and prosecute. 

Contact your local EPA office to get an odour diary. 

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Reviewed 6 February 2023