There is a ban on retailers selling or providing lightweight plastic shopping bags with handles in Victoria. This is to help protect our environment and wildlife from plastic pollution.

Plastic shopping bags that are 35 micrometres (μm) thick or less at any part of the bag are banned. These include degradable, biodegradable and compostable bags.

If a retailer gives you a plastic bag you think is banned, you can report it to EPA.

How to report a banned plastic bag

Before you report a banned plastic bag, check what bags are included in the ban.

We will need to know the:

  • business name
  • address and suburb of the business
  • the date you saw the banned plastic bag being sold or given to someone to carry goods sold from the premises.

To report a banned plastic bag, you can:

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You can find out more about the plastic bag ban:

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Reviewed 24 May 2022