Reporting smoky vehicles to EPA helps us prevent air pollution in Victoria.

You should report a smoky vehicle within 14 days of when you saw it.

What smoky means

A smoky vehicle means it releases smoke for 10 seconds or more.

You don’t need to report engine steam to us. Steam is water vapour that can look like smoke, especially on cold mornings.

Types of vehicles you can report

You can tell us about any smoky vehicle less than 4.5 tonnes. Report smoke from large trucks and buses over 4.5 tonnes to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.  

We deal with reports about smoky cars and vehicles registered in Victoria.

How to report smoky cars and vehicles

Use the Report a smoky vehicle form to report smoky vehicles under 4.5 tonnes.

What information you need to give us

  1. What – vehicle details, registration number and colour.
  2. When – the exact time and date you saw the smoky vehicle.
  3. Where – where the vehicle was and what road it was travelling on.

You also need to give us your full name and contact details. This is so we can speak to you if we have any questions. We won’t give this information to anyone.

After you report a smoky car or vehicle

After you report a smoky car or vehicle, we’ll check the vehicle description with VicRoads.

If the details match, we’ll write to the owner and tell them to get their vehicle checked for repairs.

Privacy collection notice

EPA collects your information to identify who is making a pollution report and for what reason. This information is required to investigate and evaluate non-compliance or contravention of the Environment Protection Act 2017. 

EPA may use your information to contact you to provide updates on your report or to seek further details about it. Additionally, your information may be used to call you as an eyewitness for any court proceedings relating to your report. 

EPA may use or disclose your information to investigate the provision of any false information. 

If you do not provide the information required by this form, including personal information, EPA will be unable to accept your report. 

You may contact EPA directly call 1300 372 842 or by email to request access to your personal information.

Read the EPA’s privacy policy.

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Reviewed 29 September 2022