Council play an important role under the Environment Protection Act (2017) (the Act) and Environment Protection Regulations 2021 (the Regulations). They have powers to regulate:

  • onsite wastewater management systems with a sewage flow of 5000 litres or less on any day   
  • noise from residential premises and residential construction or demolition sites
  • litter and other waste, including illegal dumping.

Council toolkits

EPA publishes toolkits that support councils to understanding their powers and responsibilities. This includes council’s direct powers under the Act and Regulations. Also, powers delegated to councils by EPA.


For council managers, legal and governance teams:


For litter enforcement officers in waste prevention and local laws teams:


For residential noise enforcement officers and authorised officers:


For Environmental Health Officers and authorised officers:


Councils can get further support and notice templates by contacting EPA.


Municipal Association of Victoria

EPA has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) on behalf of local government. This agreement supports the important working relationship between EPA and Victoria’s 79 local councils. The MoU outlines our approach to working with local councils.


Watch a webinar for local government outlining the environment protection laws and how EPA is supporting you to regulate. You can access the webinar, and questions and answers from the webinar as well.

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Reviewed 31 March 2023