Use the receive or reject waste option in the app to receive or reject the waste. This guide explains how to receive waste in the app.

Step one – Log in

Log in to the EPA portal mobile app.

Step two – Find and choose relevant waste record

In the Manage waste records home screen, search for the waste record ID you want to receive. Type the whole waste record ID into the Search all active records bar and search.

Tip: The search bars allow you to search for all active records, including individual and grouped records. The search bar is compatible in offline mode. The waste records you see will depend on when the app was last synced.

Step three – Waste receiver screen

Review the information in the waste record. Tick the box to confirm you understand that EPA collects the information you enter about the pick-up and drop-off of this waste load.

Click Receive waste.

Step four – Receive waste for processing

Complete the mandatory fields in the receive waste for processing screen.

For Permission site, use the magnifying glass to search for the location you want the waste to be received.

Select the site you are located at. You may see duplicate records. These are duplicates to reflect the different waste codes you can accept.

Enter the information about the amount and units of waste you’re receiving.

For the package type, if it’s bulk select yes and add the number of packages.

Step five – Complete remaining fields

Scroll down and complete the remaining fields to receive the waste.

Answer yes or no about Temporary confinement. Temporary confinement means you notify EPA when waste is received that your site might not be authorised to receive. If you select yes at this step, it flags that the waste consignment has been placed in temporary isolation. Refer to permission condition PER WM1 for more information.

Include any intended treatments if applicable.

Add any discrepancy information if applicable.  Use the additional information field to include any other relevant information.

Click Submit to finalise.

Step six – Confirmation

A confirmation screen will appear to confirm the waste has been received. Click Return to homepage.

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Reviewed 10 June 2021