Step one: Log in

Log in to the EPA portal mobile app. 

Step two: Navigate to the advanced search

Click on the magnifying glass in the top left corner.

Step three: Enter search details

Enter the details you wish to search by. You can search by multiple fields at once. 

Note: You need to be online for these new search fields to display results. The waste record ID search will work while offline.


Waste record ID and grouped waste record ID

  • Enter the full waste record ID.
  • Entry into one of these fields will grey out the remaining fields.

Producer name

  • Will search for the actual producer name. This is the producer listed by the transporter if they have created the waste record on their behalf.
  • Supports partial names, e.g. ‘Lucky’ will return results for A Lucky Company Pty Ltd.


  • Will search for nominated transport company.
  • You can search for partial names e.g. ‘Lucky’ will return results for A Lucky Company Pty Ltd.

Vehicle registration

  • Will search for the first vehicle entered only.
  • Unable to search for trailer registrations.
  • You can search for partial vehicle registrations, e.g. ‘ABC’ will return results for any vehicle registration beginning with ABC.

Tip: It is advised you also search by transporter or another filter when searching for a vehicle registration. Otherwise, the search may not return all expected results.

Waste code

  • Will list records for that waste code.
  • Only records with a nominated receiver you are linked to will be searched.

Tip: Only records with assigned drivers will appear in the search results. You can still search by record ID for any waste record.

Step four: View search results

Once you enter the search details click 'search'. This will return all matching results.

The advanced search looks at all records related to transporters you have a link with. Clicking on a listed record will allow you to action that record. 

Tip: Clicking on the 'x' next to the search term will re-run the search without that filter.

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Reviewed 2 September 2022