If Waste Tracker isn’t working for any reason, we’ll help you to meet your obligations to keep waste moving.

For isolated or short-term system, hardware or connectivity issues, follow step one or two below. If it’s a longer-term problem like a system outage, we’ll contact you and explain what to do.

  • Step one – Temporarily record offline

    If you’re a driver or receiver, try both the EPA portal and the Waste Tracker mobile app (Google Play and Apple App Store) to see if they’re working.

    If it’s a short-term outage or connectivity problem, try to capture a screenshot or photo of what’s happening.

    Record the required information about the waste and its transport. You may be able to use your company’s internal record-keeping systems. Otherwise, use this simple template for waste drivers and receivers. You can print some out to write on, or enter the information on a computer.

    Record the following waste information:

    • unique identifier (Waste record ID, or invoice/job number)
    • waste producer’s name and location
    • waste classification and description
    • amount of waste
    • transporter, driver and vehicle details
    • waste receiver name and location
    • time the waste was picked up and dropped off by the driver
    • intended treatment or disposal category of the waste.

    You’ll also need to pass the information you record onto the next party in the supply chain. This ensures you both meet your waste duties.

    Be sure to enter the information into Waste Tracker as soon as you have access again.

  • Step two – Call EPA if you can’t record offline

    Call EPA on 1300 372 842 if you can’t complete step one and keep the waste moving. For example if:

    • you haven’t started a waste record for the waste transport or
    • a producer, transporter or receiver needs more information or assurance.

    We’ll collect the information about the parties and the waste and give you a reference number to use. In these circumstances, we’ll enter this information into Waste Tracker for you.

  • Step three – Help via email and form for longer-term outages

    If the issue is likely to continue for longer than one day, we’ll contact you via email. This will involve us temporarily moving to an offline form system. This is similar to the system used during outages of the previous electronic waste transport certificate system.

    In this case, producers or transporters will be told to call EPA to have a form and reference number emailed.

    Producers, transporters and receivers would then record the information on the form and email it to other parties, copying in EPA. We’ll then enter the information into Waste Tracker for you when the system is available.

    If Waste Tracker becomes available again before the waste has reached the receiver, you can complete the waste movement using the form. Otherwise, you can enter the information into Waste Tracker and let us know so that the form can be cancelled. If you do this, record the reference number on the form into the additional information field in Waste Tracker. This ensures the manual waste record is accounted for and we don’t follow up with you about the waste.

Reviewed 22 June 2021