An accredited consigner is a person we appoint to support waste producers to meet their waste duties.

From 1 July 2021 an accredited consigner can help you:

Waste producers who use an accredited consigner can build their own knowledge about classifying and managing priority waste and reportable priority waste.

You don’t need to use or become an accredited consigner to pick up multiple collections in a single load of waste (milk runs).

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Responsibility for meeting waste duties

While an accredited consigner can help waste producers, they don’t take on their waste duties. Both waste producers and the accredited consigner must meet their obligations under the law.

Working with an accredited consigner is optional. It’s one way to show us you’re taking reasonable steps to meet your waste duties and track your reportable priority waste.

If you’re interested in becoming an accredited consigner, you can apply to EPA. We’ll provide a list of accredited consigners on the public register from July 2021.

Laws in place until 1 July 2021

Accredited consigners are different to accredited agents. The accredited agent role no longer exists from 1 July 2021.

Using Waste Tracker

The laws around transporting hazardous waste changed on 1 July 2021. Waste transporters, producers and accredited consigners who create waste records for producers, must use Waste Tracker to transport reportable priority waste.

Accredited consigners can sign-up to the EPA portal and learn how to start using Waste Tracker. Once signed up to the EPA portal, you’ll then be able to be invited by a business.

A series of guides are available to help you complete various tasks. The guides you’re likely to need are listed on the:

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Reviewed 30 June 2021