How to become an accredited consigner  

Find out how you can apply to become an accredited consigner

Accredited consigners  are skilled professionals who help waste producers meet their waste duties

We appoint accredited consigners for up to five years. Accredited consigners are not EPA employees.

We’re accepting applications from 1 June 2021. 

Benefits of becoming an accredited consigner

This role creates a business opportunity for waste specialists to:

  • share their expertise with waste producers
  • give administrative support to help classify and manage waste appropriately
  • improve the integrity of the waste system  
  • build the state of knowledge  and capabilities of Victorian businesses that create waste.

Who can become an accredited consigner

You can apply to become an accredited consigner if you have experience as an:

  • environmental consultant
  • technical waste management expert
  • waste broker
  • waste transporter or logistics specialist
  • member of the waste industry who can show the right level of qualifications, skill and experience.  

What we’re looking for in a candidate

You need to show us your knowledge and experience of:

  • appropriate waste consignment
  • interstate and international waste transport legislation
  • dangerous goods legislation
  • relevant provisions of the Environment Protection Act 2017 plus associated regulations, guidelines, and industry state of knowledge specific to the types of waste you want to consign.

You also need to:

  • be a fit and proper person  
  • not be a prohibited person (i.e. someone who must not be issued a firearms licence)
  • provide a national police check.

You can learn more about the requirements of the role in the Accredited consigner position description. We’ll publish this before 1 June 2021.

How to apply to become an accredited consigner

To apply you must complete and submit:
1. Accredited consigner application form
2. Nominated waste codes form
3. Work experience statement
4. Fit and proper person questionnaire
5. Prohibited persons questionnaire
6. National police record check

We’ll publish these documents before 1 June 2021. To find out more about the application process, read:

Check you’ve filled out all the documents correctly. We don’t accept incomplete applications.

The fee to apply to become an accredited consigner is 35.35 fee units.

Email us at to register your interest in applying. 

Submitting your application

Submit your completed forms and supporting documents on the EPA Portal.

We’ll let you know if your application is successful in 30 business days.

If you have questions about the accredited consigner application process call us on 1300 EPA VIC or email


Reviewed 17 April 2024