We can approve other systems under regulation 83 of the Environment Protection Regulations 2021. To enable the alternative system to connect to EPA’s system, we are building an application program interface (API).

The application process will ensure that the system meets EPA's requirements. Once approved the alternative system will appear on our Public Register

EPA can approve the use of other systems to record waste tracking information. 

Approvals will last for three years.

Application Program Interface

We released the API in May 2023 via our Developer Portal. The API will allow for secure transmission of data to and from other waste tracking systems.  

How to apply for your alternative waste tracking system to be approved by EPA

Prepare for Approval application

You will need the following documents:

  • API Technical Specifications
  • Application Form - Alternative System Approval
  • Audit Template
  • API Terms of Use.

Email api.enquiries@epa.vic.gov.au to request a copy of these documents. State whether your system is for in-house use or if you are a third party developer with a managed system.

An audit report must be submitted with the application. The audit report must use the audit template provided and be completed by an external auditor. 

Submit System Approval Application

Email the following documents to api.enquiries@epa.vic.gov.au:
  • Application form - Alternative System Approval
  • Audit Report from external auditor.

We will assess the application. You may be contacted for further information if required. 

We will provide you with access to the EPA test environments and a suite of test cases. You need to run the test cases successfully to verify your system interacts correctly with the EPA API and waste tracking system. Email the test report back to api.enquiries@epa.vic.gov.au. 

We have 42 business days to process your application for system approval. The 42-day clock will stop while any request for information is awaiting your response, also when awaiting your test results.

You will receive a letter from us with the outcome of your application and any conditions on the approval.

To use an approved system, you must submit an application for production access to EPA to use the system.

How to apply to use an EPA approved alternative waste tracking system 

This applies to approved systems listed on the Public Register.

Before using an approved system, you must obtain production access approval from us. 

This applies to both managed systems and in house systems.

To apply for production access, you will need to request the following document:

  • Application form - Production access

Email api.enquiries@epa.vic.gov.au to request a copy of these documents.

If you are a third-party developer with a managed system, all users of your system must submit an application for production access along with a copy of your system audit report. The developer will need to run test cases for each API user when the user applies for production access.

We will assess your application and will contact you with a request for information if further details are required. Once approved, we will then provide you with production access credentials.

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Reviewed 20 October 2023