Remedial notices and directions are legally binding written documents that EPA issues where harm has occurred or is likely to occur. The notice and directions require industry to take action to protect human health and the environment from the impacts of waste and pollution. 

There are four kinds of remedial notices:

  • clean up notices
  • pollution abatement notices
  • minor works pollution abatement notices
  • post closure pollution abatement notices.

Clean up notices require industry to remove, cleanup or better manage waste and pollution risks. 

All pollution abatement notices aim to prevent: 

  • further pollution 
  • potential environmental risks. 

A minor works pollution abatement notice requires changes to how a business operates, to prevent pollution in urgent situations. 

A post-closure pollution abatement notice applies to closed landfills. This makes sure that the site is monitored after a landfill has closed. EPA can require the landfill operator to act to stop pollution. 

Directions stop industry from taking actions that pose an immediate threat to human life and the environment. 

Businesses can ask for review of or changes to their remedial notices. This is not possible for directions. 

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Reviewed 28 October 2019