Use the link below to complete the form to apply for an extension of time to requirements for the following types of notice:
  • prohibition notice
  • improvement notice
  • notice to investigate
  • environmental action notice
  • information gathering notice
  • waste abatement notice
  • waste information gathering notice
EPA will consider applications for an extension of time if you can show that you’ve made all efforts to comply with the notice requirements and that:
  • factors beyond your control (such as weather events) mean you can’t comply within the dates and you need an extension of time to comply
  • changing one or more of the requirements will restore legal compliance, deliver greater levels of control and better long-term environmental results.

Note that your notice remains legally binding until we advise you of any change.

If you’ve been issued with an improvement notice, prohibition notice, notice to investigate or environmental action notice, you may also be eligible to seek an independent internal review. Refer to the Remedial notice review process for further information.


For applications relating to prohibition notices, apply at least three business days before the requirement due date.

For all other applications, apply at least 10 business days before the relevant requirement due date. If you apply outside of these timeframes, EPA may not consider your application.

Begin remedial notices – extension of time to comply

Reviewed 3 August 2021