J01 - Printing

This operating licence is required for printing, where more than 100 kilograms per day of volatile organic compounds are emitted.

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  • J01 conditions

    Note: Where a condition includes the words ‘placeholder’, values will be populated with information specific to your site.

    Condition code Description
    OL_DA01 Discharge of waste to air must be in accordance with Appendix 5 of your licence.
    OL_DA02 Visible emissions to air other than steam must not be discharged from the premises, except as permitted by this licence.
    OL_WM13 Notwithstanding the discharge limits set out in this licence, the licence holder’s risk management and monitoring program must address:
    (a) Causes of short-term variation in emissions (which may include equipment or process failures and replacement of components);
    (b) Opportunities to reduce long term and event-driven emissions through practices or controls; and
    (c) Key indicators of emission variation including process and system indicators.
    OL_G01 A copy of this licence must be kept at the activity site and be easily accessible to persons who are engaging in an activity conducted at the activity site. Information regarding the requirements of the licence and the Act duties must be included in site induction and training information.
    OL_G02 You must immediately notify the Authority by calling 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842) in the event of:
    (a) A discharge, emission or deposit which gives rise to, or may give rise to, actual or potential harm to human health or the environment;
    (b) A malfunction, breakdown or failure of risk control measures at the activity site which could reasonably be expected to give rise to actual or potential harm to human health or the environment; or
    (c) Any breach of the licence.
    OL_G03 You must notify the Authority within 48 hours of the occurrence of any the following:
    (a) Any change to your name or address (including your registered address and activity site as applicable);
    (b) You become, or are likely to become, an insolvent under administration;
    (c) You become, or are likely to become, an externally administered company under the Corporations Act; or
    (d) A change to an officer (as defined in the Act).
    You must update your information in the EPA Interaction Portal if any other relevant administrative details for your business change.
    OL_G04a You must provide to the Authority with a Permission Information and Performance Statement (PIPS) in the form determined by the Authority within 2 months of receiving notification in writing from the Authority. The PIPS may be released to the public (in whole or in part).
    OL_G04b Information and monitoring records used for the preparation of, inclusion in, or support of, any reporting or notification that is required of you by the Authority (including data reporting, performance reporting, documents evidencing any risk and monitoring program) must be:
    (a) retained for five years; and
    (b) made available to the Authority on request.
    OL_G05 1. You must develop a risk management and monitoring program for your activities which:
        (a) identifies all the risks of harm to human health and the environment which may arise from the activities you are engaging in at your activity site;
        (b) clearly defines your environmental performance objectives;
        (c) clearly defines your risk control performance objectives;
        (d) describes how the environmental and risk control performance objectives are being achieved;
        (e) identifies and describes how you will continue to eliminate or minimise the risks in 1(a) (above) so far as reasonably practicable (SFARP); and
        (f) describes how the information collated in compliance with this clause, is or will be disseminated, used or otherwise considered by you or any other entity.
    2. The risk management and monitoring program must be:
        (a) documented in writing;
        (b) signed by a duly authorised officer of the licensed entity; and
        (c) made available to the Authority on request.
    OL_G07 You must:
    (a) develop and maintain a decommissioning plan that is in accordance with the current decommissioning guidelines published by the Authority;
    (b) provide the decommissioning plan to the Authority upon request;
    (c) supply to the Authority an updated detailed decommissioning plan 40 business days prior to commencement of decommissioning, if you propose to divest a section of the licensed site, cease part or all of the licensed activity or reduce the basis upon which the licence was granted to a point where licensing is no longer required; and
    (d) decommission the licensed site in accordance with the detailed decommissioning plan, to the satisfaction of the Authority and within any reasonable timeframe which may be specified by the Authority.
    OL_WM14 All plant and equipment must be maintained and operated in proper working condition, in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications

Reviewed 8 June 2021