You must provide supporting information when applying for an A11 Permit.

The equivalent old permission of the A11 permit was a consignment authorisation to transport controlled waste into Victoria under the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009. This law has been replaced by the Environmental Protection Regulations 2021.

The interstate movement of controlled waste into Victoria is consistent with the National Environment Protection Measure (NEPM) for the Movement of Controlled Waste between States and Territories 1998 (as amended).

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has adopted the NEPM principles through implementing the Industrial Waste Management Policy (Movement of Controlled Waste between States and Territories).

Controlled wastes are listed in the NEPM. If you are unsure whether the waste you wish to remove, or receive, is defined as a controlled waste under the NEPM, contact the agency or department responsible for environmental protection in your state or territory.

Activities requiring an A11 permit

Use this information if:

  • You are applying for an A11 Permit
  • Transporting controlled waste from another State or Territory into Victoria

Please be advised that in accordance with the Environmental Protection Regulations 2021, the specific prescribed matters EPA takes into account when determining whether to issue A11 permit are:

  • Whether the facility to which the waste will be transported is appropriately licensed or otherwise approved by the Authority to receive the waste and has sufficient capacity to receive the waste; and
  • Relevant environment protection policies, statutory policies and legislation of other participating jurisdictions relating to the generation, transport, treatment or disposal of waste; and
  • Whether there is an appropriate facility for the reuse, recycling, treatment or disposal of the waste in the jurisdiction where the waste was generated; and

EPA will issue or refuse an A11 Permit within fifteen business days following the receipt of a completed application, payment of the prescribed application fee and along with all the required information and documents. Further information may also be sought to support the application.

An A11 Permit does not permission the actual vehicles being used for the movement under an A11. The duty holder/s need to ensure that their vehicles have the appropriate waste transport permissions (A10a permit or A10b registration in Victoria) or the equivalent approvals with the relevant interstate regulators.

Permit validity and renewal

A11 Permits are considered ‘instance-based’ permissions, they can be issued with up to 1 year validity following which they automatically expire and cannot be renewed.  

Should you wish to continue an A11 prescribed permit activity, you can apply for a new A11 permit which EPA will assess on its merits as a standard new A11 permit application; with a decision made within the fifteen business days following the receipt of a completed application, payment of the prescribed application fee and along with all the required information and documents. Further information may also be sought to support the application.

What should you include in your A11 permit application?

You should include and attach the following information and documents to the online application. We may also ask for additional information while assessing your application.

  • Receiving facility details (in Victoria)

    • Name
    • Complete/full street address
    • Operating licence number
    • A copy of the updated operating licence if available.
  • Waste producer/collection site details (in the other State/Territory

    • Name

    Complete/full street address

    Note: EPA cannot issue an A11 permit to more than one waste producer/collection site. 

    If collecting and transporting wastes from various locations within the other State/Territory of waste origin, provide name and address of one of the following:

    • The waste producer (either the only, main, or last producer on your transport route),
    • A consolidation site, or
    • The depot where the vehicle is stored prior to transport into Victoria.
  • Reason for bringing controlled waste into Victoria

    Provide reasons or justifications for transporting the proposed wastes from the other state (e.g., NSW/SA) to Victoria. If there is an appropriate receiving/treatment facility for the proposed wastes in State or Territory where the waste was generated, then you need to justify why the waste is being transported to Victoria.
  • Waste information

    • Waste code (e.g. J100/ M270)
    • Amount/Volume
    • Unit (e.g., tonnes/ litres)
    • Form (e.g., solid/ liquid)
    • Treatment codes (e.g., D9D/R13)
  • Satisfactory response to risk minimisation and environmental management questions

    Provide satisfactory answers to all related questions in the online form. Clearly specify and briefly explain what measures you have planned/considered for minimising the environmental and human health risks associated with the activity. 
    Guidance for appropriately answering the risk assessment, risk minimisation and environmental management questions is available at
  • Fit and Proper Person Questionnaires

    • Fit and proper person form (F1017)
    • Prohibited person form (F1018)

    You need to complete both forms with up to date information and sign with the current date. Provide a handwritten or digital signature, not a typed name entry. Provide supporting document/statement if your answer is YES to any of the questions (e.g., credit check statement) and/or if you or your company have any current or previous breach or infringement. 

    The ‘Fit and Proper Person Form F1017’ is available at

    The ‘Prohibited Person Form F1018’ is available at


Reviewed 15 March 2023