If you are a business generating or dealing with waste, you have duties. You need to manage your risks onsite and when you dispose of, or hand on your waste.

Your obligations to manage waste are part of your general environmental duty. Significant penalties can apply for breaching these duties.

The greater the risk of mismanagement or harm from your waste, the greater the duties and regulatory tools will be.

Your waste duties

  • Lawful place – if you produce or handle industrial waste, you must send it to a lawful place and not dump it illegally.
  • Waste classification
  • Transportation – waste tracking helps you to reduce the risk your waste may pose during transportation.
  • Priority waste – high-risk waste can be classified as priority waste under the Regulations. You must comply with additional duties when generating, handling or disposing of priority waste.

Further information about meeting your waste duties

Reviewed 29 September 2021