Man with an infringement notice

Noisy vehicles

Noisy vehicles can annoy the community and cause sleep disturbance.

It’s an offence to own or use a vehicle that exceeds noise limits. These limits are in the Environment Protection (Vehicle Emissions) Regulations 2013.

If a police or EPA officer reports your vehicle, you will need to have the vehicle tested and get a certificate of compliance.

EPA can fine you if:

  • you don’t get the certificate of compliance by the due date
  • you sell the vehicle without getting a certificate of compliance.

We perform roadside inspections where we test the noise limit of your vehicle. If it’s too loud we can fine you.

Littering from vehicles

Every year we receive more than 20,000 reports of people throwing litter out of their vehicle.

Under the Environment Protection Act 1970, owners and drivers of vehicles are responsible for the littering offence.

If you receive a littering fine, you must respond to the notice.

Fines and infringements

Reviewed 6 November 2019