Contact the landfill before you transport asbestos

Some landfills only accept small household amounts of domestic asbestos. Some landfills only accept commercial asbestos. Others will accept both. 

Always contact the landfill before you deliver asbestos. Although we have licensed several landfills to accept asbestos, they can still choose not to accept it. Or, the landfill might require you to book ahead and make a time, so their staff are ready to store your asbestos waste safely.


Before you transport your waste, call the landfill to check they still accept asbestos


Domestic asbestos waste

Domestic asbestos landfills will only accept small household amounts. For example, if you have renovated a bathroom and you find some asbestos sheeting that you want to dispose of.

Your asbestos waste is considered 'domestic' if:

  1. the asbestos is from your household
  2. you are transporting it in your own vehicle
  3. you are taking it to a landfill licensed to accept domestic asbestos.

If you meet all 3 criteria, then you do not need a waste transport certificate. Review our list of domestic asbestos landfills currently accepting waste, or contact your local council. 

How to package domestic asbestos waste

Domestic asbestos must be packaged in the right way. Landfills will not accept incorrectly packaged asbestos. 

To learn more, read Asbestos Victoria's guidance on packaging domestic asbestos

Where to take domestic asbestos waste

If you are disposing of your own domestic asbestos waste, you can only take it to a licensed asbestos landfill (see list below).

If you have contractors removing asbestos from your home, they can take it to a commercial asbestos landfill, but the contractor must hold a waste transport certificate.

Commercial asbestos waste

Commercial asbestos comes from industrial or commercial sources. For example, building sites or businesses.  

Landfills classified as commercial can only accept asbestos that have come from commercial or industrial sources. The asbestos can be in large or small amounts. 

How to transport commercial asbestos waste

You can only transport commercial asbestos waste if:

  1. you have a waste transport certificate
  2. you are taking it to a landfill licensed to accept commercial asbestos (or licensed for both commercial and domestic)
  3. you deliver the asbestos in a permitted vehicle.

Licensed landfills accepting asbestos waste

Licence number Type of permission Permission description Permission owner Permission site
OL000010961  A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Energy Australia Yallourn Pty Ltd 30 Yallourn Dr, Yallourn VIC 3825 
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Alcoa of Australia Limited 205 Coalmine Road, Anglesea 3230   
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Australian Recycling Corporation Pty Ltd

500 Sunbury Rd, Bulla VIC 3428 

 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Geelong Landfill Pty Ltd  69 Hamilton Hwy, Fyansford, Victoria, 3218     
OL000011879  A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Mount Alexander Shire Council Sluicers Rd, Castlemaine, VIC, 3451     
OL000011908  A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Veolia Environmental Services (Australia) Pty Ltd  Patho Landfill - 320 Davis Road, Patho, VIC 3564    
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Horsham Rural City Council Dooen Landfill - 132 Ladlows Rd, Kalkee VIC 3401     
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case)  Bass Coast Shire Council Grantville Landfill - 1685 Bass Hwy, Glen Forbes VIC 3990      
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Mildura Rural City Council  15 Scherger Drive,  Mildura VIC 3500     
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Rural City of Wangaratta Council  5 Coleman Rd, North Wangaratta VIC 3678     
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) South Gippsland Shire Council  275 Koonwarra-Inverloch Rd, Koonwarra VIC 3954     
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Greater Bendigo City Council 191 - 193 Upper California Gully Rd, Eaglehawk VIC 3556    
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Central Gippsland Region Water Corporation 1950 Longford-Loch Sport Rd, Dutson VIC 3851    
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Gannawarra Shire Council 190 Denyer Rd Wandella VIC 3579
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case)  Cleanaway Pty Ltd Stawell Landfill - 492 - 494 Pomonal Rd, Stawell VIC 3380    
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Mornington Peninsula Shire Council 280 Truemans Rd, Fingal VIC 3939     
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Veolia Recycling & Recovery Pty Ltd 890 Taylors Rd, Dandenong South VIC 3175     
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case)  City of Greater Geelong 502 - 510 Founds Rd, Drysdale VIC 3222    
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Swan Hill Rural City Council Swan Hill Landfill - 6859 Sea Lake-Swan Hill Rd, Swan Hill VIC 3585    
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) Wellington Shire Council  Kilmany, Victoria    
 A05a Operating Licence (any other case) East Gippsland Shire Council Bairnsdale Regional Landfill - 200 Johnstons Rd, Forge Creek VIC 3875

Reviewed 20 March 2024