Asbestos can be dangerous to human health if you don’t remove and dispose of it in the right way.  

The safest way to remove asbestos is to use a licensed asbestos removalist

A licensed asbestos removalist must: 

How to remove asbestos yourself

If you decide to remove asbestos yourself, follow guidance from Asbestos in Victoria.  

If you are removing asbestos from your home:  

  • you can use your own vehicle to transport domestic asbestos.  
  • you don’t need a waste transport certificate or vehicle permit.  
  • you must package asbestos in the right way.  

You must transport asbestos to a licensed landfill.   

How to dispose of asbestos infographic

Landfills that accept asbestos

Whether you use a licensed asbestos removalist, or remove the asbestos yourself, you must be sure it goes to a licensed landfill. 

You can search for your nearest landfill that accepts asbestos.  

Landfills can accept domestic or commercial asbestos, or both.   

Asbestos and your health

Asbestos is a natural mineral that has very small particles. It can be found in:

  • fibre cement sheeting and piping  
  • vinyl floor tiles  
  • electrical parts 
  • brake pads in vehicles. 

If you breathe in asbestos dust, the fibres can get stuck in your lungs. Serious conditions, like cancer, can develop many years after exposure. 

Over time, breathing in these microscopic fibres may cause: 

  • lung inflammation 
  • lung scarring 
  • lung conditions 
  • lung cancer 
  • mesothelioma – a rare form of cancer. 

This is why disposing of asbestos safely is important.  

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Reviewed 24 August 2020