Contact your local council

You can call your local council to help you find a landfill or recycling centre near you. Your council can also tell you:

  • what you can and can’t take to a landfill or recycling centre
  • how much local landfill and recycling centre services cost.

Check the Sustainability Victoria website

Sustainability Victoria maintains a list of local council's waste and recycling service webpages.




How to find landfill recycle centres infographic

Victorian landfill register

The Victorian Landfill Register (VLR) was an EPA initiative that drew data from several sources to list all current and known closed landfills in Victoria.

Due to new legislation that came into effect on 1 July 2021, we stopped updating the VLR, however you can still see the historic landfill data on Victoria Unearthed's map (External link) (best viewed on a laptop or desktop device).

If you're looking for landfills that are currently accepting waste, please contact your local council.

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Reviewed 20 March 2023