Drivers can assign a vehicle, drop off or reject waste in the Waste Tracker mobile app. This guide explains how to assign a vehicle to pick up waste.

Step one: Log in

Log in to the EPA portal mobile app.

Step two: Waste driver work list

In the 'my waste records' home screen, select the waste record ID you would like to view in detail.

Tip: You can search for individual records by producer name, pick-up address, nominated receiver, drop-off location and waste code.

Click the magnifying glass to bring up this advanced search.

Step three: Waste record details

Once you’ve opened the selected record, scroll down and click 'enter vehicle details'.

Step four: Enter vehicle details

If you have saved vehicle details to your profile, then click the 'load saved vehicle' button. This will populate the record with your saved vehicle details. 

If you haven’t saved vehicle details to your profile, in the 'transport details' screen enter the information about the vehicle you’re using to pick up the waste.

You can also add the details for up to two trailers if you wish.

Note: Entering a 'vehicle registration number' and 'permission ID' is compulsory. 


Waste Tracker transport details


Step five: Confirmation transporting to lawful place

Tick the box to confirm you understand how to lawfully and safely transport the waste.

Vehicle details confirmation  

Click 'update vehicle details' to assign the vehicle.

Step six: Update vehicle details

You have now assigned a vehicle to a waste record ID.

The information status for the waste record is now marked as assigned.

 Waste transporter 

Tip: The pencil icon on the top right also allows you to edit vehicle details.

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Reviewed 29 November 2022