Step one: Log in

Login to the EPA portal.

Step two: Open the Manage waste menu

In the Manage waste menu, choose the Waste driver worklist.

Step three: Waste driver work list

In the Waste driver work list select the My grouped waste records tab.

Step four: Assign a vehicle

Before you start to pick up waste records in Waste tracker, you need to assign a vehicle for the job. Follow the step-by-step instructions in How a driver can assign a vehicle to pick up grouped waste


Step five: Select record

Once you’ve assigned your vehicle, find the grouped waste record ID you want to pick up. Click the arrow next to it and choose View details.

Step six: View details of grouped waste record ID

A list of the individual waste records in the group will appear. Find the waste record ID you want to pick up. Click the arrow next to the record and choose Pick up.

Note that each waste record within a grouped waste record must be picked-up individually in Waste Tracker. Follow the steps below for each of the waste records in the group.

Step seven: Review details

Review the waste record details.

The information about the vehicle you assigned for the job will show in waste record details screen.

Step eight: Declaration

Tick the box to confirm that you understand how to lawfully and safely transport the waste.


Step nine: Amount of waste

The amount and units of waste you’re picking up will have been entered by the person who created the waste record. Review this information and update if required.

If there are multiple packages, select yes and add the number of packages.

If the waste record or receiver details differ, choose a reason from the Discrepancy drop-down arrow.

You can use the Additional information field to add any other relevant information.

Click Submit.

Step 10: Confirmation

A confirmation screen will appear to show you’ve successfully picked up the waste in Waste tracker.

Click Return to the waste driver worklist. From there you can then continue to pick up individual waste records from the grouped waste.

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Reviewed 24 November 2022