Step one: Log in

Log in to the EPA portal.


Step two: Open the Manage waste menu

In the Manage waste menu, choose Waste driver worklist.


Step three: Waste driver work list

Click on the My active jobs tab in the Waste driver worklist. 

To find the waste record enter the waste record number in the search bar and click the magnifying glass. You can also order the waste record by producer name if you are unsure of the waste record number.


Step four: Select record

When you find the right record ID, click the down arrow next to it and choose Pick up.


Review the information in the waste record. Scroll down to the Waste transporter section.

Step five: Waste transporter

In the Vehicle registration section, click the magnifying glass to find the registration number of the relevant vehicle.


Choose the permissioned vehicle from the list and click Select.


If the vehicle or trailer registration you’re looking for isn’t listed, you can enter the details into the manual entry fields provided.

Step six: Declaration

Tick the declaration box to agree that you know how to lawfully and safely transport waste.


Step seven: Amount of waste

Enter the amount of waste and units of waste you’re picking up.

If there are multiple packages, select Yes and add the number of packages.

If the waste record or receiver details differ, choose a reason from the Discrepancy dropdown arrow.

You can use the Additional information field to add any other relevant information.

Click Submit.

A confirmation screen will appear to show you’ve successfully picked up the waste in Waste Tracker.


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Waste Tracker guidance for drivers and transporters

Reviewed 24 November 2022