To work together in waste tracker, you and the driver must be connected in the EPA portal.

Drivers can be connected to multiple transporters but can’t request a connection with a transporter. Transporters can invite, add and remove drivers when needed.

Step one: Log in

Log in to the EPA portal.


Step two: Add driver

Open My organisation on the top menu and select Add or remove waste drivers.



 Click Add or remove waste drivers.

A list of all drivers linked to the transport company's account and their status will display.

To add a new driver select Add driver.


Step three: Insert new driver details

Complete the form with the new driver’s first name, last name and email address. 

Click Send.


A confirmation screen will confirm the invitation has been sent to the driver’s EPA portal account. 

The driver will get an email telling them to sign-up and login to the portal to accept the invitation.



Click Go back to add or remove waste drivers.

Step four: Invitation pending

The new driver you added shows as Pending until the driver accepts the invitation. 

When the driver accepts the invitation it will show as Confirmed. If the driver declines it, the status will show as Cancelled.

List of drivers

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Reviewed 27 February 2023