A business will send an invitation to connect to a driver, site receiver or accredited consigner. If you get an invitation, you must accept it before you can be assigned work.

Step one: Login

Login to the EPA portal.

Step two: Open invitations

From the home screen click the down arrow next to your name.

Choose Invitations.

Step three: Invitations dashboard

In the Invitations dashboard you’ll see a list of the invitations you’ve received.

Click on the drop-down arrow in the box next to Apply filter.

View your invitations by selecting the appropriate role from the drop-down menu above the table and clicking on Apply filter.

Step four: Accept an invitation

Choose the pending invitation you want to accept by clicking on the drop-down arrow and choosing Accept.

Click Confirm at the Accept invitation screen.

Step five: Confirmation screen

The confirmation screen shows the invitation has been accepted.

Click Go back to invitations to return to the invitation dashboard. The invitation dashboard will show all your pending and confirmed/accepted invitations.

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Reviewed 26 July 2021