Step one: Log in

Log in to the EPA portal.

Step two: Open the manage waste menu

In the "manage waste" menu, choose the 'Waste producer transport records' dashboard. 

Step Three: Waste transporter dashboard

The search functions and filters are to the left of the dashboard.

Step four: Search and filter waste records

The search and filter fields can be used to search for waste records. You can use more than one filter at once.

Receiver filter

  • Enter the name of the receiver to display records assigned to that receiver or where the receiver has accepted the waste.

Click 'apply'.

Tip: You can use asterisk to search for a partial name or phrase. For example, *fuel will search for Fuelcraft Victoria Assets Pty Ltd.

Driver filter

  • Enter the name of the driver to display records in that driver’s name.

Click 'apply'.

Tip: You can use asterisk to search for a partial name. For example *Hall* will search for Wyatt Halliway.

Status filter

  • Active status will display all draft, open, assigned and in-transit records. 
  • Inactive will display all received records.

Click 'apply'.

Status Reason filter

  • Select the status of the waste record you want to find.
  • You can select more than one status.

Click 'apply'.

Dispatch date filter

  • The dispatch date filters use the date selected as the dispatch date when the waste record was created.
  • To search for records created within a date range, enter a start and end date.  
  • To search for a particular day, enter the same date into both fields.

Click 'apply'.

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Reviewed 8 February 2023