This is the first year we’re delivering our new five-year strategic plan. Our Strategic Plan 2022-27 identifies the outcomes we want to see over the period:

  • our environment is cleaner and communities are healthier
  • all Victorians reduce their environmental risks
  • we have impact and influence.

To support us to achieve these outcomes, we’ve established four objectives for the next 12 months:

  • make Victorians aware of their responsibilities to prevent harm to human health and the environment
  • target priority risks of harm so our efforts are optimised to make the biggest difference
  • integrate environmental public health into everything we do
  • strengthen our culture and capability to achieve organisational excellence.

To be successful in realising these ambitions we’ll continue to work with communities, industry and businesses so they understand and meet their obligations to prevent harm from pollution and waste.

Our approach to non-compliance will be consistent, transparent and proportionate. Where we see deliberate and criminal acts, we’ll use our expanded capabilities, and stronger sanctions and powers to hold polluters to account.

We’re committed to timely and meaningful engagement with local communities about the things that matter to them. While our regulatory decisions will always be based on science and the law, understanding community aspirations and concerns, and explaining why we’ve made the decisions we have, will strengthen our performance and help to build trust in EPA.

At its heart, EPA is about passionate and dedicated people that work with purpose to protect Victorians and our environment. We’ll continue to prioritise their safety and wellbeing and support their professional  development – enabling both organisational and personal success.

After significant change during 2021-22 – with the commencement of the new Act and a new operating model – I’m excited about the year ahead, as we settle into new ways of working.

We’ll continue to learn, to improve and to give our all in protecting the health of our communities and environment.

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Reviewed 30 January 2023