EPA runs programs, projects and initiatives to improve the health of our environment and prevent further damage to it.

Past programs, projects and initiatives have focused on:

  • research and development
  • reducing hazardous waste
  • improving processes for businesses.

EPA’s three-year research and development program focused on knowledge and evidence to support our current 5-year plan. We made a publication covering our research partners and priorities.

The HazWaste Fund invested $18 million in private sector projects for over 10 years. These projects helped to reduce hazardous waste – like asbestos and mercury – to landfill. You can ask for a full report on the outcomes via email – contact@epa.vic.gov.au

The Life Cycle Management Project helped businesses identify opportunities to reduce waste and save resources. EPA made a fact sheet to help people adopt more sustainable practices.

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EPA's past projects and programs

Research and development program (2013–16)

HazWaste Fund initiative

Life cycle management project

EPA highlights

Reviewed 4 November 2019